Exotec Solutions

Our Technology

The Exo collaborative robots moves the bins among the warehouse, thanks to their no-infrastructure navigation.
The Fleet Control supervisor coordinates motions of robots and bins. It interfaces with the WMS and assign movement missions to the Exos.

Technical Specifications

  • Exo

  • Payload 50 kg
  • Weight 20 kg
  • Size 400x600x200 mm
  • Navigation No-infrastructure
  • Energy Automatic loading
  • Bins

  • Weight 5 kg
  • Size 400x600 mm
  • Height 700 mm
  • Feet Stand or wheels
  • Container Tote / Box / Compartments
  • Fleet Control

  • Fleet size 1 to 1000 Exo
  • Communication WIFI
  • Type PC
  • Interface WMS SQL, plain text, telegram
  • Backup Cloud Exotec

Order preparation

The orders-to-man system, bring the orders next to the article to be picked. The coordination of robots, bins and operators, brings maximal efficiency.
It handles preparation, and also replenishment and returns.

Flexible conveying

The Exo system, interfaced with intra-logistic systems, offers an innovative logistic function: a virtual conveyor, with infinite paths possibilities , able to pick and drop on motorized or passive interfaces.

Your benefits

Capacity and productivity

Picking rate is doubled : the orders are dropped next to the article to be picked.


The system starts with a minimal fleet. New Exos are added when the flow increases.


Stations can be reconfigured, the storage can be extended following new needs: the system keeps its agility.

High availability

By its massive parralelism, the Exo System has no single point of failure.

To shape together the future of your logistics

Use cases


FMGC ecommerce





2 founders, deep values and a passionate team

Romain Moulin

Romain Moulin - CEO

Romain learnt logistics at BA systemes offers department before becoming BA CTO. Enthralled by robotics, he pursued his career at GE Healthcare, implementing innovative features for medical robots.
He has 11 years work experience and master degree from Supaero university.
Why Exotec? "To build a company around our logistics solutions"

Renaud Heitz

Renaud Heitz - CTO

Renaud is an engineer from Mines Paristech university.
He is passionate about real time machine control and mobile robots fleet algorithms. He has 9 years work experience, first as robotics engineer at BA systemes and then as software architect for GE Healthcare.
Why Exotec? "To bring faster my concepts to the customers"

Ian Posso

Ian Posso - Electrical engineer

Guillaume Marescaux

Guillaume Marescaux - Fleet control developer

Alexis Mestag

Alexis Mestag - Fleet control developer

Urbain Prieur

Urbain Prieur - Integration leader

Paul Margot

Paul Margot - Logistic project leader

Baudouin Roullier

Baudouin Roullier - Robot SW engineer

Jean-Guillaume François

Jean-Guillaume François - Robot SW engineer

Gautier Daune

Gautier Daune - Mechanical engineer

David Lassus

David Lassus-Pigat - Mechanical engineer

Louis Faury

Louis Faury - Artificial intelligence engineer

Exotec is recruiting passionate people !

Our R&D team grows to take on our logistics and robotics challenges.